dimanche 30 mars 2014

Des publicités de la scientologie à MusiquePlus

Un article de Sophie Durocher (voir ici)

MusiquePlus doit avoir besoin d'argent pour accepter celui de la scientologie...

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jeudi 27 mars 2014

Belgique: la Scientologie face à la justice après 17 ans d'enquête

Pour les détails, voir ici et ici.

Ils ont 15 jours pour porter appel. Les roues de la justice belge sont très lentes...

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mercredi 19 mars 2014

Quand la scientologie ment (1ère partie à propos Narconon Trois-Rivières)

La scientologie a menti à propos de ses liens avec Narconon Trois-Rivières, le centre de désintoxication qui a été fermé par l'agence de santé et des services sociaux de la Mauricie en avril 2012. Narconon Trois-Rivières a menti sur ses liens avec la scientologie.

La preuve? Revenons en 2008.

Émilie Dubreuil, journaliste à Radio-Canada, produit un reportage d'investigation à propos de Narconon Trois-Rivières.

À 7:35, elle questionne Jean Lariviere, porte-parole de la scientologie à Montréal. Celui-ci dit qu'il n'y a pas de lien entre la scientologie et Narconon.

Philippe Couillard, alors ministre de la santé et des services sociaux, dit, à 16:05, qu'une législation pourrait voir le jour, qui imposerait une certification obligatoire des centres de désintoxication au Québec.

Parallèlement, un documentaire produit par Canal D, «Le pouvoir caché» est diffusé. On y voit une entrevue avec le directeur de l'expansion de Narconon Trois-Rivières, Sylvain Fournier.

À 10:20, Fournier nous dit que la scientologie et Narconon ne sont pas la même chose.

La loi potentielle annoncée par M. Couillard dans le reportage d'Émilie Dubreuil a dû inquiéter la scientologie, car, fait capital, le 22 août 2008, des courriels sont publiés sur le site de divulgation Wikileaks.org (voir ici, voir dans archives 2006-2010, choisir Canada, le document s'appelle «Canadian Narconon-scientology connection») entre Larivière et Fournier. Dans le premier courriel, Larivière demande fortement (on peut dire ordonne...) à Fournier de s'informer à propos du projet de législation (ils ont eut une réunion pour discuter du sujet préalablement):


De: Jean Lariviere Objet: RUSH - URGENT - Coming bill/new law re. Narconon in Quebec in Fallof 2008 Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 04:14:59 +0000 A: 

Dear Sylvain,

Over 2 months ago, yourself, Aline and I met in Montreal to go over the situation of the media attacks on Radio-Canada and other medias and the statement made by the Minister of Health on television that a new bill/law would be tabled at the Quebec legislative assembly in the Fall of 2008 to regulate or control drug detox and/or drug rehab activities such as those taking place at Narconon 3-Rivers.

My recommendation to you - based on my 25-year experience in public affairs including holding the post of DSA in the province of Quebec for over 20 years - was that NN need to first and right away - asap - establish the extent and nature of the threat or risk so that you would know asap what Narconon is facing or dealing with, and thus be in a position to then correctly estimate the situation and the extent and nature of the handling needed to properly handle the situation!

The truth was that you did/do not really know what this law is about. How can NN handle an unknown threat? Obviously, the first thing to do is to find out what this law is about, and what is the sit between NN and the Quebec governement's!

For that specific purpose, I recommended that you (or someone like you who knows well NN activities and the activities of other drug rehab/detox groups in Quebec) to go right away - asap - do a few visits in Quebec City at the Ministry of Health and Social Services and meet with governement officials who are overseeing the area of drug detox and drug rehab - and who are likely the guys who are writing the new law and who are making recommendations to the Minister - to find out what is the contents and extent of the law that is to come out in the Fall of 2008. Also, to do so very overtly as a NN staff so that you find out exactly what they think about NN and what needs to be handled. In other words, find out from the horse's mouth so to speak! Two (2) major targets: 1) gathering basic and essential information and; 2) starting the PR handling right away with the people who must be handled! 

You agreed that was the right thing to do and you agreed it was to be done right away, asap so that you would be able to meet with them before they would go in Summer vacation... You were also supposed to let me know the results of those meetings so that I could assist with your writing a tailor-made handling or plan to handle the actual situation.

I have heard nothing from you since then so I do not know if you did any visits with the relevant officials at the Ministry of Health in Quebec City. If no such visits have been done, then it is likely that Narconon 3-Rivieres is back in the same position that it was 2 months ago... except that NN 3-Rivieres is that much closer to having to deal with a possibly very ominous situation that cannot yet be properly assessed and handled until such visits and data gathering activities are made.

Please check what LRH says about dealing with a Black Panther!

As you know NN is not the Church and the Church is not going to and cannot meet with government officials on behalf of Narconon. No Church or DSA staff can do the job for you. Either you do it or someone else at or for NN does it. In any event, it must be confronted and done. The faster it is confronted the better and the better chances NN will have to handle the situation. I can only offer advices and the above is about the best advices I can give you my friend!

I am always willing to talk with you and offer data or advices.


Jean Larivière

Voici la réponse de Fournier à Larivière:

De: Sylvain Fournier Objet: RE: RUSH - URGENT - Coming bill/new law re. Narconon in Quebec in Fall of 2008 Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 14:37:46 -0400 A: 

Dear Jean,

Thank you for your communication, and for your advise throughout this episode, I did use a lot of your recomendation to handle this situation.
You proposed to me:  establish the extent and nature of the threat or risk so that you would know asap what Narconon is facing.
Which I did, on multiple occasions. I have a very good communication line with the Office of M. Sebastion Proulx, who is the Deputy of the Mauricie Region,which includes Trois-Rivieres, he is also the Official Opposition House Leader and Official Opposition critic for education.
On top of that he is also the right-hand man of M.Dumont who is the leader of the Official Opposition at the Quebec Parliament. 
M.Proulx does obviously sit at the Parliament of Quebec.

Everytime I met with the deputy or his representative, I asked them if something was coming, any change at the parliament or any new law was about to be proposed or voted, or any talks about the accreditation for drug rehab; Is the accreditation's going to be mandatory ? Is the governement going to do any change about the already established accreditation ?
Each and every time they told me that nothing was going on, no change whatsoever, no new laws, no enforcement of the accreditation, nothing on the agenda at the parliament on that matter neither.
So, there is apparently no threat or risk, change or proposition to control drug rehab and  NN Trois-Rivieres of any form (as of 2 weeks ago).

On top of that, as you probably know, the former Minister of Health and Social Services, that did make a statement on Radio-Canada, M. Phillipe Couillard, is no longer on post, he gave his resignation about a month ago. the New Minister of Health and Social Services apparently has a new agenda and drug rehabilitation is not one of his mandate, or at least not something he wants to work on. I got these information from the representative of M.Proulx himself about 2 weeks ago.

To my knowledge there is no more threat pending on top of Narconon Trois-Rivieres head. I keep my eyes and ears open and talk with the Representatives of the Office of M.Proulx regularly.

We will keep applying FLORISH AND PROSPER and the enemy will fall into apathy, just like M.Couillard giving his resignation from one of the most powerful post you can have at the Parliament !!!

I will keep you updated on any future communication that I will have with M.Proulx's office, so that you are in the know.
I will most likely meet with them next week-end (26-27July) and the 4th of September, both time on occasion where Narconon Trois-Rivieres is the Major Sponsor of a large scale event ( Le Monaco and Pro-Am Golf Tournament for Interval).

Thank you for your time, help and consideration.

Sylvain Fournier,*C.C.D.C. 
*Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor 
Senior Director for Expansion 
Legal Officer 
Narconon Trois-Rivieres 
819-376-8181 ext.320 (office) 
819-701-1558 (cell) 


Pourquoi Larivière écrit-il à Fournier pour lui donner un ordre et lui offrant ses services si la scientologie et Narconon n'ont pas de liens?

Sylvain Fournier et Jean Larivière ont tous les deux menti à la caméra.

Narconon est bel et bien contrôlé par la scientologie.

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jeudi 13 mars 2014

En librairie: Réédition de «Bare-Faced Messiah» de Russell Miller

Interdit aux États-Unis à sa première parution, ce livre de 1988 est la meilleure biographie de L Ron Hubbard, fondateur de la scientologie.

Il est disponible en version française dans les bibliothèques publiques de Québec et de Montréal sous le titre: «Ron Hubbard, le gourou démasqué».

Une entrevue, en anglais, de l'auteur avec Tony Ortega ici.

vendredi 7 mars 2014

L Ron Hubbard: «Les immeubles ne sont pas importants»

Par L Ron Hubbard, fondateur de la scientologie, lui-même:

Les scientologues devraient y réfléchir quand vient le temps de donner pour la rénovation du magasin de scientologie de Montréal...