jeudi 18 novembre 2010

Big Issues: «Scientology: mind control and empty pockets»

L'équivalent irlandais de l'Itinéraire, Big Issues, s'intéresse à son tour aux abus de la scientologie avec un article récapitulatif des dangers de la secte.


Harriet Baker a 73 year old pensioner had just lost her husband to Cancer, and was in despair with grief when a Scientologist turned up at her home claiming she needed to buy a $1,300 auditing package to cure her of her feelings of loss. After being talked into $15,000 of auditing sessions, one of the 'church' members discovered that Harriet owned her home, so they arranged a $45,000 mortgage which they pressured her to use for more auditing. When Baker's children became suspicious and brought Harriet to her senses, the pensioner demanded a $27,000 refund for auditing services she hadn't as yet used. Two Scientologists arrived at Baker's home with an E-meter (auditing machine) to question her. She never got her money back and in fact had to sell her home to get herself out of the financial mess the 'church' had backed her into.

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