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Fuite: rapports d'activités des Comités OT (OTC) de scientologie au Canada pour décembre 2013

Voici ce qui a fuité sur le site de Mike Rinder (ancien no.3 et chef de OSA dans la secte): les rapports des OTC (operating thetan committee) pour le monde entier (voir ici)! Voici ce qui se passe au Canada.


This quarter, while getting ready for GAT II, the Montreal OT Committee became more organized to meet the coming expansion. Its major accomplishments were organizing a big march against the psychs in Ottawa with CCHR Montreal, organizing several events and seminars to help Scientologists progress on The Bridge and getting a new I/C for the Ideal Org Fundraising project.
Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.
Sunday 15 Sept – OTC chairman Guy Tourville and OT VIII France d’Amour held a briefing entitled “Want to go OT? We have the recipe!” which gave information on how to be OT now and join the Montreal OT Committee.
Sat 21 Sept: OT night with newest OT VIII completion Thérèse Gélinas, together with 3 other OT VIIIs: France d’Amour, Sylvie Viau and Guy Tourville. A very successful evening where over 60 public heard the OTs successful actions in getting up the Bridge and ending with everyone deciding to get onto their next step and also studying their full Basics lineup.
Sat 26 Oct: OT briefing by OT VIII France d’Amour entitled “Discover the tools you need to go OT”.
Fundraising for Ideal Orgs.
This quarter, the Montreal OTC held 3 ideal Org fundraising events: on Sat 14 Sept, Sat 19 Oct and Sat 2 Nov. The last one was also cause for excitement with the announcement of the new Ideal Org Project I/C, Richer Dumais. Since taking on his post, Richer has been working diligently on building a strong team to organize and finish the fundraising and renovations for the Montreal Ideal Org.
World-famous FSM Yves Fiset also held 2 seminars on Big League Sales to help Scientologists with their sales technique on all their dynamics. These were held on Wednesdays, Oct 23rd & 30th.
4D Campaign Activities: CCHR Montreal
Sat 7 Sept: CCHR Montreal held an event to brief Scientologists on CCHR and prepare a big anti-psych demonstration to be held in Ottawa at the end of September.
Sat 28 Sept: CCHR Montreal organized a big march with over 100 public and staff from Montreal, Quebec city and Ottawa present in the streets of Ottawa to demonstrate against the psychs who were having a national convention. The main theme of the demonstration was: “STOP psychiatric drugging of children NOW!”
The march ended with the official opening of the exhibit “The Truth about Psychiatric Abuse” which then was open to the public for the following week.
Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.
The Quebec OTC has worked with the org in order to get the events of the GAT II being well attended. A total of 7 people have routed onto ­­GAT II Training and Processing.
Helping Scientologists in your field onto and through the Basics Books and Lectures to get ready for Golden Age of Tech Phase II.
The Quebec OTC has gotten into doing OT Hatting nights in order to get the field more active and onto their Basics and training, which really encourages them. They have done 2 events with 35 people in attendance.
Fundraising for Ideal Orgs.
The Quebec OTC held an auction event starting with a silent auction, followed by a loud auction. They had different types of art donated by various public/artists that was part of the auction.
Quebec has being doing one event a month for the Montreal Org. This encourages the Montreal OTC and their public to get their org done. The Quebec OTC has contributed and has donated over $6,500 for the Montreal Ideal Org.
Getting New Public into the Org.
The Quebec OTC has been helping in Div 6 getting new public touring the displays and they have gotten 2 new public on services as a result.
A conference and a seminar was delivered in New Brunswick and a couple purchased 36 hours of Book One and has since started the Purif at the org.
The Quebec OTC has been contributing to selling books to new public by going to different flea markets and doing Stress Tests and they have gotten over 10 books sold.
IAS Fundraising Activities and major statuses made.
The Quebec OTC has assisted the org and the IAS in getting the IAS Events being attended and has donated $1,000.
4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)
The Quebec OTC has being passing out pamphlets for Say No to Drugs, to different outlets in the city. They helped in getting members as well as public to Toronto for the march against psychiatry.
The Toronto OT Committee has gone out the roof this last quarter on making New OT VIIs and VIIIs, and since the release of the Golden Age of Tech II, the OTC has been working on getting public into the org and onto services as appropriate.  Ideal Org fundraising events have been continuing.
Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.
The OTC has had two meetings in the week of and two days since the release of the Golden Age of Tech II and immediately got into production by dividing up the 53 names of public who attended the events who are not on a course or service at the Toronto Org.  A number of products have already been gotten of public routed into the org for Bridge Consultations and then onto Student Hats or Purifs, and so on.  At the second OTC meeting, 12 OTs were added to the list to be recovered onto a service. 
Of note, there has been stellar OT Bridge motion happening in Toronto: there have been 7 New OT VII completions (Diane Dobson-Smith, Rhona Shekter, Gwen VanKleef, Liz Zahari, Lina Luckman, Tony Pateropoulos, and Ed Standish) in the last quarter and 4 New OTVIIIs completed (Diane, Rhona, Gwen and Liz; Lina is on New OTVIII) and 2 new people onto New OT VII (Heather Coutain and Gary McKague).  One New OT V (Nicole Crellin) was also created.
Fundraising for Ideal Orgs.
The 26.10.2013 Ideal Org Event was held at Pie in the Sky Studio which was lavishly decorated and a fabulous catered dinner was served to the 62 public and 34 staff who attended. Beautiful leather jackets were presented to 25 Humanitarians and were very well received. A brand new inspirational Marketing Campaign designed by Olivia Wilkens was released.  She also made a fabulous video about the reasons for donating to the Toronto Ideal Org which was very moving.  $25,345 was put on the board.
Progress on Files Projects.
The Project I/C, Liz Zahari, was away finishing New OTVII and doing New OTVIII for a few months and the project went a bit onto hold in her absence.  She is now back and restarting the project and gathering her people up again and getting them into the org to work on it.  While she was away, the whole of CF had to be shuffled into a smaller space so as to make room for a bigger course room for the Golden Age of Tech II delivery.  A bunch of public came in to help with that.  It is now beautifully set up and ready to continue to prepare the files for the Ideal Org.
IAS Fundraising Activities and major statuses made.
There have been a few notable IAS cycles that have gone down in the last quarter, namely:  Dianne Shuck of the OTC helped reg Mike Dolbaczuk for $54,000 for the IAS.  Dave Erison helped make a Patron the last week of November.
4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)
Truth About Drugs:
Recover Day 2013 in Toronto, Ontario: This was a City sponsored event attended 500 people, many of whom were druggies and mental health people.  5 Scientologists attended and manned up a tent where they distributed 430 Truth About Drugs booklets.  Earl Smith, New OT VIII, met and talked to various City Officials.
Youth For Human Rights:
Nicole Crellin, New OTV, was invited to attend the Youth Alliance Summit in Brussels to receive the prestigious Human Rights Hero Award.  She took a youth delegate with her and there were 30 delegates from various countries attending this event.
The IAS sponsored the traveling Museum of Death Exhibit to come to Toronto and it was ensconced in large space of a building in the downtown core of Toronto.  Many hundreds of people toured the exhibit and were suitably enlightened during the 2 week period.  Also, several seminars were conducted on psych meds and marketing of madness, etc.
Recent Stellar Achievers.
Dave Erison, New OT VIII, continues to be a stellar producer in terms of fundraising, is the Stage Reg at all Ideal Org Events and also FSMs for the Toronto Org and Flag non-stop.
Pat Filippi, New OT V, took on the mantle of the Deputy OTC Toronto and has helped to put in organization with an Org Board and weekly Minutes of the OTC Meetings that are now sent out to all OTs so everyone is briefed.
During the last quarter, the Vancouver OT Committee reached a new milestone for most Ideal Org fund-raising raised within 90 days (over $250,000).  The OTC is continuing to capitalize on the Int Mgmt approval received for the prospective Ideal Org building! Meanwhile, negotiations with the building’s owner are continuing.Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.
On short notice, the Vancouver OTC rallied public to attend the GAT II Events weekend at Flag, and a total of ten OTC members and public were at Flag for the events!
Fundraising for Ideal Orgs.
In mid-September, the OTC held a gala “Humanitarian Ideal Org Event”, honoring its humanitarians and inspiring others to join that very special group.  It was a formal dinner event for nearly 100 people and featured live jazz entertainment and evocative speeches from Vancouver’s humanitarians.  Canada’s CO COLO flew to Vancouver to speak at the event, which raised $100,000 and created another new humanitarian before the night was over! 
On September 28, the OTC held an Ideal Org event at the org, featuring guest speaker Francesca Swartz, Portland Ideal Org fund-raiser and Silver Humanitarian.  Francesca shared her wins about becoming a humanitarian and helping others do so too, and briefed the crowd on Portland org’s booming stats since going Ideal.  Sixty people attended the event, which raised $20,000.
On Oct. 19, the OTC held a “Nights of the Round Table” Ideal Org event, complete with medieval decorations and even a chocolate fountain.  Over 80 public and staff attended this lively and entertaining event, which raised $25000 in donations and pledges.
4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister).
Two members of Vancouver’s OTC attended the “First Nations Truth and Reconciliation Walk” in conjunction with two DSA staff from Vancouver org.  In the their bright yellow VM jackets, the group raised Scientology’s profile in the community, providing directions, help in locating a lost child, and being noticed and welcomed by the mayor of Vancouver.
Recent Stellar Achievers.
Evy Iverson – For continuing to lead the OT Committee as Chair, and providing the enthusiasm, energy and drive to keep it moving forward!
Working with the EDs and CO CLO on fundraising. Closing people to arrive for the GAT II event at Flag
Hilarie Rockl for fundraising and closing their latest humanitarian with honors
Gale Spick – one of the top ideal org fundraisers
Julie Stewart – holding the events I/C hat and putting on all of their events, especially their very successful Celebration of Humanitarians dinner.
(note de Rinder?):
Really poor show from Canada. No report from CAMBRIDGE “Ideal Org”. No report from EDMONTON or CALGARY. Not sure if KITCHENER still exists or if this and LONDON were both “consolidated” into “Cambridge.”
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