jeudi 26 février 2009

The Mirror: «Scientology Stalled»

L'hebdomadaire culturel anglophone Montreal Mirror vient de publier un reportage sur le projet de rénovation de l'édifice La Patrie.


The Montreal Church of Scientology has been saving up its pennies to build its own downtown utopia, but utopia can be expensive, especially during these threadbare times. The Montreal chapter is looking to finally get going with renovations to their $4.25-million 2007 acquisition—the La Patrie building at 182 Ste-Catherine E., on the corner of Hôtel-de-Ville that once housed punk venue l’X and music store Sound Central. There’s just one problem: they haven’t got the cash.


“When we [bought the building], we thought it was going to be a piece of cake,” Larivière says. However, the recession and the $4-million Ideal Org currently being renovated in Quebec City have tapped local Scientologists dry. Larivière says the Montreal Church, like many others in North America, relies almost exclusively on donations—which means their Ideal Org will have to wait at least another year or two.

Il est à noter que l'article fait mention d'Anonymous, et que le groupe a été interviewé lors de ce reportage.

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