mardi 17 février 2009

Protestez contre la scientologie. Achetez un ShamWow.

Les filles du blogue Skepchick — un superbe blogue sceptique dont nous recommandons fortement la lecture —dresse un surréaliste portrait du porte-parole de ShamWow, Vince Offer.

Extrait du blogue:

Headset Vince is actually a guy named Vince Offer. It sounds like he should be a cartoon bear-dog hybrid drawn onto the corners of coupons you get in the mail, but he is not a cartoon. In real life, Vince was an aspiring filmmaker - not a very good one, but his lack of filmwriting, directing, and acting skills were not about to hold him back from a career making talkies for the big screen. And yet, you notice I’m using the past tense. He was an aspiring filmmaker… but now he wears a headset in TV commercials and makes you feel like a dick for not already owning German-made spongetowels. So what happened?

The Church of Scientology happened.

On peut lire la suite ici.

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