vendredi 2 octobre 2009

Magazine «Skeptic»: entrevue avec Mark Bunker

L'édition de septembre du magazine australien Skeptic contient une excellente entrevue avec Mark Bunker, critique de la scientologie depuis plus de 10 ans.


Q Since 2008, there have been successive world-wide protests and pickets of the Churches of Scientology by ‘Anonymous’. What impact do you think they have had?

A They’ve had an enormous impact. They have given former members the courage to come forward and tell their stories and the press the courage to cover Scientology more aggressively again.

I don’t think it’s any accident that more people are speaking up, more lawsuits are being launched against Scientology and more former execs are coming forward to speak.

It just takes one person with a picket sign to shut down an entire Scientology Org. I’ve heard from people who were members in Clearwater during the Trust years. They have told me what it was like to be barricaded in the buildings by management because they were afraid someone might hear what we had to say. It made the staff question why Scientology management couldn’t handle this problem. Why are the most powerful people on the planet, fueled by Hubbard’s perfect tech, unable to confront a single person with a sign?

Now there are people in front of almost every Org on the planet. And videos flooding YouTube. And more and more terrific websites being built every day. The internet is here. Time for David Miscavige to pack his bags.

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