mardi 13 octobre 2009


Critique de longue date de la scientologie, Jeff Jacobsen a présenté la semaine dernière un essai scientifique à propos d'Anonymous et de sa campagne pour dénoncer la secte.


The Internet has made communicating, organizing, and socializing simple, cheap, and readily accessible. With these ubiquitous tools it is not difficult to find people with a common interest, organize in some fashion, and accomplish tasks. At times, it turns out, it does not take much of a spark for a large group to form quickly and seemingly from nowhere. Such groups require little sustenance, very little organization, almost no leadership, and very simple goals. Yet they can accomplish much more than would seem possible. Because of the ease with which these types of groups can form, it is my contention that they will spring up more and more. Rather than be blindsided by such groups, it is useful to understand what they are. In this article I examine Project Chanology, a collective action that sprang from the Internet-based social network called Anonymous, to protest the Church of Scientology.

La suite est ici.

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  1. I really wish he'd get this published in a peer-reviewed academic journal so that I could use it as a proper source.