vendredi 24 avril 2009

Réponse d'Anonymous à «The Gazette»

Dimanche dernier, le quotidien The Gazette défendait dans sa page éditoriale la décision de l'université Concordia d'autoriser la secte de scientologie à tenir une exposition anti-psychiatrie dans ses murs.

Plusieurs participants d'Anonymous et de simples citoyens ont répondu à cet éditorial, dont celui-ci:

Re: "Scientologists have a right to speak, too" (Editorial, April 19).

Your editorial's plaintive title betrays a fundamental misapprehension of the issues involved.

No one denies the right of Scientologists to say whatever they want, however wrong and untrue it might be. What some people are concerned about, however, is the fact that they are being given a publicly-funded, intellectual soapbox - the Atrium of Concordia University's library building - from which to make their crackpot claims. That is the issue.

Concordia vice-president Michael di Grappa's warm and fuzzy post-modernist musings non obstante, the claim of the exhibit is to tell the truth about psychiatry's abuses - nothing less. Note the definite determiner.

I suggested in my last (unpublished) letter that perhaps the university ought to make space available for an interactive exhibition by the Flat Earth Society. Let me put it more bluntly: Can we expect The Gazette editorial board to support an exhibition by something like the Ernst Zundel Holocaust Deniers Appreciation Society? I thought not - and rightly so.

You cavil that "tiresomely, many of Scientology's foes choose to remain anonymous, claiming that critics have been harassed in the past." My first letter and now this one do not fit into that category at all.

Je persiste, et je signe,
Norman Ingram

Pour sa part, le blogue For Great Justice répond de manière exaustive à The Gazette.

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