mardi 14 avril 2009

Scientologie et CCDH: propagande à l'Université Concordia

Un groupe de façade la scientologie, la Commission des citoyens pour les droits de l'homme (CCDH), tient présentement un stand dans les locaux de l'université Concordia.

Ce reportage de Radio-Canada Québec diffusé en avril 2008 explique ce qu'est le CCDH:

Témoignage d'un étudiant de Concordia:

I came across a gigantic anti-psychiatry display in the atrium of the Concordia library building. I asked one of the goons who they were, and he said "Citizens Commission on Human Rights". Only when I pressed him did he admit that they were Scientologists. We had it out for a minute before he turned away and started ignoring me. A fellow student and I went to the office of the Dean of Students, which sent us to the office of the Vice-President, Services (they are the ones who book events, it seems). We met with a woman there and expressed our concerns. She said there had already been a few complaints, that their office was unaware that this was a Scientology front group, and that they had convened an emergency meeting this afternoon to discuss the matter.

I also called the Mirror and Hour to let them know, since they seem to care about these sorts of things.

My general disdain for Scientology aside, my main issues are these: First, the name of the front group lends it an air of respectability, which makes people more susceptible to believing the lies contained in their display. Naïve students might buy into it and be swayed by recruiting materials on their way out. Second, a university is a place where science is conducted, and Scientology's bullshit goes against the spirit of legitimate academic inquiry.

The goon said that they had paid to rent the space, but I wonder if the university would rent space to, say, a Holocaust denial group presenting what they claim are "facts" that have been discredited far and wide. As far as I'm concerned, freedom of expression ends when lies, deception, and coersion begin.

I don't know what else to do, really, but I thought I should post something here to let you all know what's up at Concordia. They're supposed to be there for the rest of the week at least, unless they get kicked out.

Nous encourageons tous les étudiants de Concordia à faire de même.

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